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About Us

We are at the forefront of sales and merchandising in South Africa, with experience spanning almost every product type in all major sectors of trade. Providing retail merchandising services to some of SA's largest manufacturers, and all major national retailers and wholesalers, SGRP Meridian is driven to enable maximum exposure, higher sales, and increased market share for our clients.

We keep ahead of our competitors with our unmatched technological management platform. This is available to us through our association with Spar Inc., a NASDAQ-listed international merchandising company based in New York that has been providing successful retail solutions for over 40 years across 9 different countries, including China, India, Australia and Canada. Tablet technology, complemented by our own proprietary applications, is utilised for targeted user capability and management control. This system sees increased savings, faster execution and more time in-store to influence consumer shopping behaviour.

Our unique internet-based logistics deployment technology is the most sophisticated in the industry, allowing us to provide each client with the highest possible return on investment. This system enables real-time reporting, promotional execution and speed-to-shelf of new products, and informs shopper-based requirements.

Mission Statement

"To achieve leadership through innovation, technology and quality of people for the benefit of all our clients, staff and shareholders by providing a comprehensive range of services to the FMCG industry."


  • Relentless focus on competencies
  • Drive productivity in all areas through processes & technology
  • Measure everything
  • Provide price / value with maximum R.O.I.



  • Integrity
  • Accuracy on all outputs
  • Efficient utilization of resources
  • Accountability & responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Capability to deliver required services
  • Nurturing good skills at home base
  • Innovation
  • Passion