International partners

Market Intelligence

Our proprietary Internet-based logistics deployment technology is the most sophisticated in the industry. Through the use of it, We know More Faster so that we can do More Faster and Better providing each client with the highest possible return on their investment(ROI) in merchandising services. Through our system we can provide real time reporting on ad hoc projects, promotional execution, speed to shelf of new product launches and planogram compliance for category management and shopper based design requirements.

The system enables us to instruct, control and measure every project. A major benefit is that it allows for complete transparency giving our clients the ability to measure us on all aspects.

Detailed store level intelligence uploaded on a store-by-store basis by Sales and Merchandising Specialists immediately upon completion of their assignments. Continuous, real-time reporting of immediate, store-specific data enables us to know what's happening while it's still happening, so issues and opportunities are identified while there's still time to take full advantage of them. Direct, instantaneous transfer of field data to easily-understood analytical reports, privately and securely accessible to clients over Meridian’s web site.

Ad Hoc Project Implementations

Our technological system and pool of part time staff are also used to implement ad hoc projects such as mystery shopping, competitor audits and analysis, project implementations, etc on a once off or contractual basis.