International partners


Keeping ahead of our competitors we utilise tablet technology, complimented by our own proprietary applications enabling targeted user capability and management control. The use of this system and technology realises increased cost savings, faster executions and more time in store to influence consumer shopping for the benefit of our clients.


Our reporting platform has been designed through intelligence we have gathered from listening to our clients’ needs and designing what best suits their requirements. Our team of programmers are continually moving our technological offering forward to ensure our clients are ahead of their competitors all the time.

Executive Reports

Our Business Manager system generates automatic topline executive reports based on the data and photographs reported from the field, giving our clients the ability to track our performance real time without having to analyse raw data or depend on receiving delayed information.

Data Reporting

Our field are equipped with tablet technology complimented with state of the art proprietary software applications giving them the ability to report their performance real time based on the KPI’s or initiatives requested by our clients.

Issue Tracking

We better enable our clients to be in store faster with excellent execution all the time by providing our staff with a tool with which to report any issues they encounter preventing them from executing with excellence and ensuring maintenance thereof. Through this tool our clients are immediately notified of any areas of opportunity to enable fast resolution.

Asset Tracking

Our unique proprietary system allows us to track and report on our clients valuable assets in the trade to ensure that the location of state of these units is always known.